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Beach Adventures

One of my favorite beach adventures happened at night and if we are being perfectly honest I am not exactly sure that the patch of sand I was on was an actual beach. However, that is what my friends and I called it. Secret beach to be frank. Instead of studying for exams like we should have been, one night I and a group of friends decided to reward ourselves with an adventure. Because it was late, we did not have many options as to what our adventure would be. Off we ambled to one of our favorite spots, Secret Beach. When we arrived the sun had long since set and there was only moonlight to illuminate our walk down to the sand. Now at that time, there was not a boardwalk like there is now. There was simply a rough steep path of rocks that laid out the path to the water. So we strolled down and managed to keep all ankles intact. However, that would be our only stroke of luck for the evening. We proceeded to swim in the water, walk along the shore and even attempt to build a fire pit. The pit I am afraid was unsuccessful. After our night swim, we were all quite chilly and ready to head back. We would not easily get our wish because while we were enjoying our dip in the water, no one thought to ensure that the car keys were secure. They were not secure. They had fallen out in the pitch-black water of Mobile Bay. As I mentioned before all we had was moonlight. This was no good. Now thankfully the vehicle in question was unlocked so we were able to climb in an attempt to get warm but there was no way to leave. Many phones were dead and those that weren’t were unsuccessful at reaching any help because as I mentioned before it was late at night. Minutes turned into hours and the threads of friendship started to fray amidst the cold and the hunger. Honestly, who could blame us? But almost out of nowhere our driver remembered he did not in fact put the keys in his pocket but rather on the tire well of the vehicle for safekeeping. He jumped out and checked and sure enough there they were. I don’t think I have ever heard such a roar of laughter from the entire group and we quickly headed home. I now know that this particular site is not at all a secret and is enjoyed by many locals. But each time I pass it I can not help but chuckle and remember that particularly long but priceless night.

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16 juin 2022


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