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Happy Fathers Day

It only took seconds for Lloyd’s excitement of being a Father to kick in. The box of dad jokes I gifted him probably helped but he instantly jumped into “dad mode”. We stared at the tests, discussed which one of the already carefully picked names we would use, and settled on a nursery theme. Unbeknownst to me before we even fell asleep that night a collection of vintage Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals had been purchased and were on their way to our door. The next day the excitement seemed to double if that was even possible. I showed up at a paint store to find that he had researched the titles and codes of old Disney paint colors, in order to match them to current colors. He wanted to ensure that our child had a beautiful and peaceful place to sleep. How incredible is that, how incredible is he?

Weeks followed and more nursery plans were made, the perfect gifts were procured to tell our parents & siblings and Lloyd continued to wear fatherhood well. His joy for our child was contagious, even through my sickness and fears he was at peace with this new phase of life. Lloyd has always protected my heart and my peace but when we found out about the baby I could feel that expand to this little life that I was still growing.

The day we had our ultrasound, we decided to go by the church and pray first. I prayed for peace, Lloyd prayed for me.

In the moments and days that followed our loss, I was lost in what felt like another world at times. But, Lloyd was always present. He never missed a beat. He asked the hard questions, picked up the medicine, made the phone calls, and quite literally never left my side. He was on the floor with me throughout the night, kept me fed when I couldn’t fathom how to eat and as he always does, protected me.

There was never a moment in my pregnancy or in our loss that I had to wonder about Lloyd’s feelings for me or the baby. I never had to guess how helpful he would be or if he was excited. But, then again I have not had to wonder about this since the day I agreed to marry him. He grieved, and he mourned in his heart all while nursing me, protecting me, loving me. He loved me well and by doing so also loved our child.

To say I am thankful for a husband like Lloyd is an understatement. Our baby knew the sacrificial, pure love of their father in just the few weeks we had together and I have no doubt that any future children we have will feel the same.

To say that Lloyd is the father of my child is a blessing like no other. What an incredible man with a heart so in tune with the heavenly Father that he loves so strongly and purely.

Happy Father’s Day dear and here's to many many more to come.



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