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The third trimester is often when women begin the process of nesting. It is a time when they gather everything they need to prepare a welcoming place for their new baby. They cook hearty meals to store, clean, and give in to the urge to create a warm cozy place for themselves and their families. Some women purchase every item they find on a baby need list, just in case, and some just simply rest and soak up the moments alone or with their spouse. It’s this short season of both rest and preparation. It is this time of knowing that inevitable change is approaching. It is a time of storing up, food, energy, and rest knowing that you will need it in a short while.

The past few weeks as the cool weather has begun to appear I have felt my heart pull toward this idea of nesting. It is no coincidence this would have been my third trimester, the last few weeks before meeting my little one. I feel the Lord encouraging me to honor this time for what it should be, even though it doesn’t look the same. So that is what I am going to do. Nest.

I am leaning into this season of rest, of preparation. Spending time remembering the little life God let me grow for a time. Cooking nourishing meals, healing my body. Not only enjoying time with my husband but with myself as well. I am preparing my heart, and my body for whatever season the Lord has for me next. I am creating a welcoming place in my soul for the Lord.

This is not what I imagined when I thought of nesting. I thought I would be waddling around not able to see my toes. Honestly, if I eat too many holiday cookies I am sure I could achieve the same look. But, even though it’s different there is still a need to honor and embrace everything this season is. I may not be preparing to hold my firstborn in a few weeks but I am preparing for the gifts I know the Lord has for me, for inevitable change.

My heart is nesting, resting, and preparing for the beautiful next season to come.

Whatever that may be.



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