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The Flower Girl Who Became a Bride

She sits in the corner and watches all of the hustle and bustle. A pretty white gown is hanging near by and there is feelig of excitment filling the whole room. She clutches her pearl basket with flowers close, as not to spill them. Little buds of baby's breathe crowns her head and the daintest of bracelets rests on her wrist. As she always does, she starts to imagine herself in the white gown and the veil of the bride. Visions of lace, pearls and diamonds swirl around and a faint image of a man in a suit. Dancing, cake, flowers, and candles.. she loved it all. But she had plenty of time to plan for her day, in the future, for now it was time to put on her white showes and decorate the aisle with pretty, little petals. Inhaling a deep breathe she fixed her dress and smiled at the bride as the doors opened and her eyes lifted, she saw him.

Her partner, her better half, her soon to be husband. She looked down and saw a bouqet where a basket once was and that petals dusted the aisle before her. The veil clung to her shoulder and the white gown was finally on her. She had watched many walk before her but, it was her turn now, because somehow the flower girl became the bride.

(Pictured: Myself with family members Joey & Angel Moseley. I had the privilege of being their flower girl years ago)

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