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A Bushel & A Peck

Photo by Lauren Prevatte Photography

She walks into the room

And in her deep brown eyes, I see everything that is good in me

With her comes a breath of excitement

She exudes peace, encouragement , understanding

She sits back to watch everyone flourish , never wanting to draw attention to herself

But we only flourish because of her

Selflessness is at home with her

The Autumn flowers get their color from the beauty of her heart and the spring rain learned to be gentle after watching her hold a child

She doesn’t know yet but we’ve watched every stolen minute

We watched as tirelessly she prepared meal after meal always smiling , just happy to have everyone home , even if she had to fix a few more plates

We’ve smelled the aroma of many pancakes, always faithfully on the table when they were most needed

We felt the chill of fall roll in and watched her settle into herself with joy and ease

And in the golden hours of Christmas morning we saw in her, everything we wanted to be

She dreams of making a difference

Of loving everyone fully

Of spreading joy

Little does she know that counting the stars would be easier than counting the endless effects she has sprinkled into the lives of many

She is everything that is good

And thankfully, she is ours.

- A bushel and a peck because circles never end.

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Aug 25, 2021

This is beautiful!! ❤️


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