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Forever Newlyweds

When you get married people are quick to tell you about the “honeymoon phase”. Essentially a period of time where you are so head over heels for each other that your spouse's little quirks are endearing, not annoying. Then at some point you cross the international date line or something like that and everything changes. I am not quite sure the point of repeatedly telling this to newlyweds other than to stir up unneeded anxiety during one of the most important and beautiful times of life. I can not even begin to count the times we were told this. I remember thinking wow this is possibly the least helpful thing anyone has told me. Essentially you are telling an engaged couple that they are about to enter into an eternal covenant with themselves and God but they will only enjoy the other person for so long then you just have to manage until you die. YIKES.

A year into marriage, with the tiniest dollop of wisdom on the subject, I am here to say the “honeymoon phase” is a myth. At least here in the Wing house. Now, do not get me wrong I am still amazed that somehow Lloyd can never find the trash can when he finishes his gallon of Milos. To be fair, I am sure it blows his mind that I lose my keys every single time we try to leave our house. However, I love him even more than I did one year ago when we said our vows. I still get giddy getting to kiss him good morning. I tell him absolutely everything and he listens. Bless him. He wakes to watch sunrises with me and I wake up to collect records with him. Fresh flowers constantly appear on the record player and handwritten notes are found in carefully packed lunch boxes. I know way more about guitar pedals than I ever thought possible and I am pretty sure Lloyd can quote Gilmore Girls at this point.

Our marriage is not perfect. It can not be because we are two imperfect people. However, it is beautiful. I know someone will read this and think, “wait until you have been married x amount of years or wait until you have experienced this or that together”. I get it, I do not know what is to come for us. What I do know that in the hardships we have already faced, we did it together, we did it in prayer, and with love. Me clinging to my husband's wisdom in Christ and him leaning on my heart. So, I am confident that our “honeymoon phase” will not dwindle but if it does I know it will only be for something even more breathtaking because thankfully our marriage is not rooted on the shifting sand of broken humanity but rather the solid ground of Christ’s passion and love.

So, this is to my husband, my best friend, the love of my life. Happy Anniversary Dear, I look forward to many more years of newlywed bliss.

Forever my Groom

Forever your Bride

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Chare P
Chare P
Jan 10, 2022

I can honestly say after 21 years of marriage that we have passed out of the honeymoon phase! Rather than rose colored glasses I now see my husband thru the lens of Christ and it has made our love for each other deeper than ever! I love this man who has made me complete more than I ever dreamed possible. You are so right…when you give yourselves and your marriage to Christ it becomes so very much more than you could have ever hoped for💕


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