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Generation War

20 years ago, we sat in kindergarten or preschool classrooms and watched as the world we are slightly aware of crumbled

We watched our teachers and parents struggle to maintain composure, to find the words to keep us calm while tears streamed down our face

Suddenly in the midst of our morning routine a haze of fear seemed to settle around, a haze that has yet to lift

We saw images on the tv that we could never remove from our memory, yet we did not completely understand

Some of us came home to green duffle bags being packed as our parents tried to explain why they were leaving

Local churches held non-stop prayer vigils

And local schools had American Flags hung from every building

Our childhood was book marked by this event, it impacted every moment of every day that came after it

Travel restrictions were changed

School curriculum added in 9/11

Old Navy shirts with American Flags were the National uniform

We grew up with both pride and fear

We watched our parents board planes and ships as they made promises to return, promises that they knew they may not keep

We then boarded those planes and ships ourselves

We packed our own green duffle bags

We promised our children with the same words our parents used

We watched our classmates who had set next us twenty years ago learning how to color in the lines, put on a uniform and swear to defend our country

Our group has been called many things, generation selfish, generation technology, generation hopeless. But in all honesty, we are Generation War. From the moment of 8:46am on 9/11/2001 that is what we became. Generation War. We do not know any different. Generation War.

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Sep 11, 2021

I remember being at my desk in Decatur, AL when this happened. We were put on lockdown. It was sad and scary!


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