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Hello Old Friend

I awake and reach my arms to the sky. There is a slight chill in the air, and my nose crinkles at the hint of crisp leaves gently floating by my window. My toes curl as one by one they hit the chilly wood floor. It is still quite early as the sun barely peaks through the clouds. Everyone else is still asleep. This moment is mine.

The teapot whistles break through the comfortable silence of the morning. It is selfish I know to keep such a beautiful moment to myself but I can't help it. I grab my latest book and smile to myself. I know I won’t make it through many pages. I will get distracted by something outside. I always do.

I let my feet touch the tips of the cold grass as I step outside. There is a sense of familiarity floating on the wind. We are the best of friends Autumn and I. I appreciate each season for what they are but Autumn is when I let my walls down and simply enjoy everything that exists. The world turns to gold as the sun rises on the first of October and for a few short months, I feel golden too.

I breathe in the fresh air as it playful runs through my hair. The birds sing the song of this new season. And, all at once, I am wrapped in Autumn’s embrace.

It is the first morning of October and everything is…just right. I daresay that it is… perfect.



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