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The sun has risen and there is not a cloud in the sky. There is a blue jay enjoying the first fruits of a newly filled feeder. My flowers look as though they were freshly painted with a new coat of color. The outside world is fluttering with excitement and it feels like the beginning of a beautiful Spring Sunday.

But yet my thoughts are far away. Unable to focus on the blooms in front of me but rather envision a rather different Spring Sunday many years ago. It does not take much imagination and suddenly I can hear the faint hooves of a donkey clacking against the stone beneath my feet. There is dust swirled with the anticipation of the hundreds pressing in around me. It seems that everyone here has gathered for the same purpose, to get a glimpse. A glimpse of the one who is the Messiah, the Morning Star, the Just One.

The crowd that has gathered is as loud as it is large. With each passing moment, the sounds of hooves get closer. Little ones are weaving in and out of the mass of people not quite sure of the significance of what is happening around them. Then suddenly the crowd erupts in a triumph, he is here, he has been seen. Palm leaves are tossed in the air, thrust upon the road cloaking the stone. Those without palms laid their robes down instead. He has come, just as they had been told. The shouts of joy were exuberant, as was the weeping. “Hosanna” they cried. “Hosanna, in the highest”, “Blessed are you, Son of David”. Many fell prostrate unable to look upon him as he came near. While still others became like stone, their gaze unwavering as he passed by. And amidst the sea of people and emotions, peace became a blanket that enveloped each soul in attendance. There was no one left untouched.

I blink and snap back to the present, enjoying the songs of the cardinal at my window. My heart is at peace. Undoubtable peace. By nature, I want to jump ahead in the story and soak in the Resurrection. However, I am challenging my heart to stay still, to honor each day of this Holy Week to come. To let the importance of each day soak into my heart, mind, and soul. Today I lay down my palms in joyful triumph as my King enters. I praise the one who came on the back of a donkey just as it was foretold. I let the peace that surpasses all understanding reach every part of me. "Blessed are you Son of David", my Messiah.



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