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I Will Give Him My Heart

Sitting in the midst of church tonight we closed with a hymn I had never heard before. While the music at church always sirs my heart, the second verse of this song hit me like a ton of bricks.

“If I were a wise man

I would travel far

If I were a shepherd,

I Would do my part, but poor as I am

I will give to Him my heart”

  • He Shall Reign Forevermore- Chris Tomlin

WOW!! In the early days of a new year we are surrounded by a sea of resolutions. People everywhere are proclaiming to do this or do that in order to somehow improve their lives. There are people who are focused on fitness and some focused on finance and others just plan on restarting their whole lives. I should say there is nothing wrong with resolutions. In fact I think it is part of our responsibility to see where things could use some help and fix them. But, how many of us are focused on what we can give ourselves and only ourselves. We don’t stop to ask ourselves what could I do for God this year, or what can I do for my church this year or what does God want me to work on this year?

Instead of deep diving into whatever fitness fad rolls out on Jan 1, what if we took time with our Father to see what we could truly work on, what we could give for his glory. It is easy to look back and proclaim that you would have handled a situation differently, better. What matters is what you do now. Give God your firstfruits, the first of this year, the first of your resolutions. Figure out what God wants first. Maybe he will have you travel far, or maybe he will ask you to do your part.

I can promise you though, that above all else, he simply wants you to give him your heart.


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