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Lessons from a Grandaddy

If you don't listen to music on vinyl you are doing yourself an injustice.

Help as many people as you can and never tell a soul. Because the joy in your heart is reward enough.

When your elders speak, stop everything and listen. They only talk slow so you have the chance to soak in every syllable of advice.

Don't take more from the land than you need.

The best crawfish comes from little yard streams.

Playing dress up isn't just for little ones, grandaddy's enjoy it too.

Sometimes all you need is bologna and cheese.

Worshipping God isn't just reserved for four walls and a steeple, sometimes the best conversations with our Lord happen outside, in his creation.

You don't have to say many words to say a lot.

You can never love history too much.

The women in your life should be treated with chocolates and flowers every Mother's Day. This includes Daughters in law.

Horses are magical but dogs are mans best companion.

Listen to Tom T Hall because songs about little baby ducks , slow moving trains and rain can get you through the hardest of days.

- Happy Birthday Grandaddy. I miss you.

Easter with my Grandaddy Fred. Today would have been his 83rd birthday.



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