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Needed, Wanted, Loved

The way your voice gets high with excitement when the first fall breeze arrives

the way your eyes glow at the sight of Christmas lights

the way you absentmindedly tap your fingers to anything that comes on the radio

the way you try to save every scared animal you see

the way you remember everyone’s birthdays

the way you are unwaveringly loyal to the same team your dad taught you to love as a child

the way you hold anyone’s hand who needs it

the way you dance when you are truly happy no matter where you are

the way your arms go soft when holding a child

the way your arms are strong when your friend needs to lean on you

the way you are trustworthy

the way you are everyone’s cheerleader

the way you play Uno with your younger sibling

the way you drink coffee with your grandmother

the way you listen to everyone’s stories and truly care

the way the sound of the perfect song makes your smile reach your ears

the way you are not scared to cry or laugh

the way you find the beauty in the smallest things

the way you insist on dipping your toes in water whenever you find it

the way you adore flowers

the way you light up any room

the way you wear all of the colors because you can never decide which is your favorite

the way you love every single person you encounter

There is no one like you

You are needed

You are wanted

You are loved

Every little detail about you is priceless, is irreplaceable, is necessary. If ever you forget that, even for a second then give your mom a hug, go take a ride with your grandpa, grab tea with a friend, or dance with your sibling. In them, in those moments you will see how precious you are. That you are truly needed, wanted, and loved.

  • If you are someone you love ever begins to question the value of life then please reach out to the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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Sep 11, 2021

KK, this is beautiful and truly touching! I have dealt with depression since college and it isn’t fun. My moma and your moma would tell me this a lot to make me feel better. I know God says it in the Bible too but sometimes you just need to hear the words! I love you chickadee!!


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