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The One

The One

Two years ago on October 13th, on an unexpectedly rainy day, Lloyd got down on one knee and asked me to become his wife. In a split second, my years of teenage heartbreak and disappointment faded to see this wonderful man before me, a man I had prayed for earnestly, handing me a ring with the biggest grin on his face. It was surreal. I was in shock, so much so that I forgot the ring, don’t worry Lloyd made sure I got it on my finger. I just could not believe that I was in the moment I had wished, hoped, and prayed for. The moment God orchestrated for me and for Lloyd.

Flash forward to now and I am sitting in my cozy reading nook, with my husband sitting on the couch next to me. Our record player is crooning and there is fresh coffee in our kitchen. It is beautiful. This home, this moment, this life, this marriage. Just beautiful. I start to think about the age-old question “how did you know he was the one”? I believe I have been asked that upwards of a hundred times in the past two years however, I know I have asked that same question just as much. I think it is important to note that each heart is created by God to need different things and to give different things. But when I think back to how I knew Lloyd was “The One” a few things come to mind.

How I knew he was the one:

- He drove to my apartment at 9:00 pm to bake me pumpkin cookies because my little brother had broken his leg and I was upset I could not be at the hospital

- He got on a Huey Helicopter from the Vietnam War despite being scared of heights just so I could be connected to my Poppy

- He went to four weddings in one year as my date

- He would facetime me just so I could hear him play his guitar

- For a whole football season, he would leave work and go with me wherever my brother was playing

- He got just as excited about Christmas as I did

- He went with me to antique stores

- He never tried to tone down my personality

- He drove me to granddad late at night just to make sure I got the chance to say goodbye

- He watched the Sound of Music with me in the theaters

- He made me cheesy Valentines Day cards

- He wanted to wear rhinestones on his wedding suit ( he did and it was awesome)

- He held my hand in crowds

- He respected the wounds I had on my heart

- He stood at my side every single Sunday and held my hand as we prayed the Lord’s Prayer

- He was unapologetically himself and he loved me unapologetically

Lloyd was and is the perfect example of Christ’s sacrificial love. He loves me purely and strongly with every fiber of himself and I have never had a reason to doubt this. He lives out Ephesians 5:25 every single day of our marriage. Because of how he loves me I know of Christ’s love even deeper. Because of the way he loves me I do not doubt my worth, my value. I never feel that I should be any different than who God created me to be. That is how I knew he was “The One”. Two years ago when Lloyd dropped to one knee and everything flashed before my eyes, there was not a moment of doubt but instead, peace and joy thinking of the beautiful life we would have together. The life I had prayed for, the life we are creating now.

Photo by Lauren Prevatte Photography

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Oct 13, 2021

This is so beautifully written KK. I pray this for our girls too. Love y’all bunches


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