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To be a Solider's Daughter

To be a Soldiers Daughter

Is an honor in itself

Pride always fills the heart

Looking at his metals on a shelf

But there is a secret seldom told

One that rings true

The day that he enlisted

You enlisted too

My dad, Ret. MAJ Barry J. Rice in his enlistment photo.

You swore to loan your dad

To your country, in great need

Because if anyone could

You knew he would keep us free

You see to be a soldiers daughter

You have to give him away

With faith in every ounce of your heart

That he will return someday

You drew your strength from his

Followed his poise and grace

Even when the tears would fall

You’d keep a soldiers face

You didn’t wear a uniform

Not one that others could tell

you stayed focused on your mission

There was no option to fail

Your job was to keep his spirits up

Never let him see you cry

Because a solider can handle

Many many tough goodbyes

Being a soldiers daughters

Is not a life you choose

It’s one you are born into

But one you’d never want to lose

Days would fly by

when you couldn’t see his face

That’s when you clung to his pillow

Searching for a scent, if only a trace

Left to right : Ret. MAJ Barry J. Rice ( U.S. Army) & Ret. CPO Tony Cooper ( U.S. Navy) in Mosul, Iraq.

The other kids they didn’t know

They didn’t have a clue

The war was oceans away

But it came home with you

That’s okay

They didn’t have to understand

Because you were there to remind them

You were there to make a stand

You stood tall and proud with every pledge

You belted the anthem loud and clear

You wanted the whole town to know

A Soldiers daughter lives here

Years have passed and since that time

And your solider carries a different name

They call him a warrior from days of ole

But a warrior just same

You see a solider never retires

He simply changes his post

He is finally home with

The ones he loves the most

To be a Soldiers daughter

Is an honor all its own

But the best part

Is when your solider makes it home


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