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What to Expect When Your Best Friend is Expecting

There are plenty of books for moms to be, to pick from. There are so many in fact that it must be easy to get overwhelmed from all of the choices. But, what about the best friends of the Moms to be? Where are the guidebooks for us? They don’t exist, friends, believe me, I looked everywhere.

One moment you and your bestie are spending days bouncing between coffee shops and boutiques and the next she is surprising you with a new tiny person being added to your group. The girl who has been by your side for thirteen years is now a mom. WOW! The moment you lay eyes on the ultrasound your world is changed. Who cares what this season's fashion is, all that matters is are the baby's clothes cute and if Aunt KK and baby match. All of a sudden you are protective of this baby and your friend more than you thought imaginable. You realize your group was always missing something and this baby is the perfect addition.

You begin researching the best of everything, planning a shower, and stocking up on books for your house for when the baby visits. You realize the soundtrack of this Christmas will be baby squeals and suddenly the holiday can't get here fast enough. You block off the entire week of the due date because there is no way you are missing this. You begin to plan a last-minute girls' trip and try not to go a week without seeing your friend.

It hits you that this life is what you both have been praying for since high school, what you thought was so far away in college, and what now seems unreal to be living in. The weight of blessings settles on your heart and it's hard not to cry from the constant beauty of God’s goodness.

You watch your best friend blossom into the beautiful mother you knew she would be. It is easy to admire her, she is incredible and you are here to make sure she knows it. Even on the hard days, you are there like always to be the ultimate hype girl.

When your best friend is expecting the one thing you can count on is falling head over heels in love with a child you haven’t met yet. Expect to spend hours praying for their future and getting excited to meet them and watch them grow. This tiny human who comes from someone you love greatly will take over your heart in ways you didn’t know existed.

Expect life to change because that is how it goes but expect this to be the best chapter of your friendship yet.



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