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When We All Get to Heaven

Old broken hands gentle enough to rock a child and strong enough to tame a horse but, today his sturdy hands clap praise

A firm face but a soul filled with love and strength from God to walk through years of fire. Quietly, but firmly carries the tune.

Delicate spindle fingers that have danced across countless ivory keys, keeping rhythm on the pew back while she sings.

A young mother who always brings joy and laughter, now getting the chance at her own family, uses the verses as a silent prayer.

Tears flowing from those piercing blue eyes that have seen more than any could imagine and that give more than most, is for a moment vulnerable as he recites the hymn and lets his creator engulf him in peace.

A heart so over bounding with emotion, for she is always strong, but little does she know her emotion is her beauty, she raises her hand and closes her eyes as she lets everything wash over her.

The boy who is no longer a child but not yet a man belts the words from memory and realizes for the first time the change that is headed his way and the ringing truth in the words he breathes.

Eyes filled with wonder as he observes a new form of worship, the beat different the words unfamiliar but yet they reach into the depths of his soul as he stand in awe of his Lord.

The last verse rings out, the instruments fade the voices mesh together in a loud triumphant chorus or praise and for a moment the walls fall and a glimpse of heaven is revealed.

Through glistening tears I can feel this moment touch every bone in my body. I take in the love of each family member surrounding me and know this only a taste of forever to come and my soul rejoices as I feel those who went before us, worshipping in unison from the clouds.

How blessed am I to walk with saints on this earth.

This is just the beginning.



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